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How to get a health miracle

Faith in God's help

Do the prayer with much faith and dedication

Share the prayer

Share the prayer in your social networks with your relatives and people who need help to improve their health condition.

Persevere in Prayer

Offer this prayer for 9 days in a row to obtain the miracle of health you need.


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St. Benedict, an Italian monk in the sixth century, established the monastic orders West (Benedictines), and dedicated his life to prayer and penance for his brothers.


Two feast days are held for St. Benedict: March 21 and the death of St. Benedict. However, because it almost always coincides closely with Lent, July 11 is marked with solemnity as “day of birth into Heaven”.


This man of God will ask with passion to exterminate all evil spirits, negative people, and other bad influences from your life and home so that you can be free from all harm and destruction.


If you trust in the powerful mediation of Saint Benedict, this prayer will be very effective.


san benito oracion para alejar malas personas, envidias, magias




Blessed father saint Benedict, fervent abbot.

My great and gracious protector, and all those who come to me in supplication

Eliminate all evil influences from my life

Every evil and every enemy that could come to me

Deliver me from the dangers to my soul and body

O holy and blessed, intercede for me before God

So that his infinite compassion may ease my sufferings

and to fix the serious problems through which I have been forced.

Reject, condemn, and depart

By the powerful intercessions of the Most Holy Cross

Every evil person, opponent or adversary,

Near or far, visible, invisible, known, or unknown

I will not tolerate any malice they may direct at me.

My family, friends, and relatives.

Deliver me from the fateful heresies, magics, and black masses

From curses, incantations spells, incantations sorceries

Take away all enemies

Eliminate the violent, the lying, and the jealous one

The bad neighbor, the selfish and traitor.

Protect me from hatred, anger, jealousy, and rancor.

From evil words, evil speaking, evil talking, and slander

They must not attack me mentally or physically.

Keep me away from anyone who would like to harm me in my everyday life, in my personal.

In my everyday life, at work

In love, in my professions, or at home

Deliver me from all harms and perversities

I am especially concerned about:

(Make now, with great faith, the petition

This is a question I have confidence in asking, and appeal to you for your help

We are confident in your kindness and understanding.

Please, holy ones, with all your fervor.

Christ is the only one who puts nothing before Him

Since you found him in prayer

Your most effective intercession will be granted to me.

Holy confessor of Jesus Christ, Glorious Father St. Benedict

Your unending power over all harmful powers.

Protect, defend, and defend me against all evil

All evils left, acquired, or possessed must be cast out

By the Holy Spirit’s power and the Blood of Christ

May my enemies be defeated, and vanquished

And the evil spirits be disowned forever.

O master enlightened of the Divine Service!

Our encouragement and perfect protector

Intercede for my soul, body, and mind’s health

You who loved God more than all things

He was humbled and he accepted your kindness.

Grant that I may also desire eternal goods.

Guide me to follow the path of The Commandments

Receive for me the graces I need in this life

I love and have charity for my fellow men, and this is especially true of me.

Help me to win in the Holy Cross of Our Lord!

Teach me to trust God’s love, my Father.

To receive the blessings of the Holy Spirit

So that I may achieve perfection in my Christian faith.

Amen. +

Devoutly pray for the Creed.


Three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys, and three Glorias.


For three consecutive days, the prayer and prayers must be repeated. It is best to start the prayer on Saturday, and then pray it at night. If it is getting dark, it is best to keep your mind calm so that you can concentrate more.


You can light a candle to express gratitude for Saint Benedict’s protection.


It is recommended to use incense or myrrh grains to purify your home. You can also burn a combination of dried herbs, such as rosemary, rue and thyme, basil and laurel …), and then let the smoke pass through every room, including the corners.

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