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prayer to saint cyprian for attraction love and conquest and

How to get a health miracle

Faith in God's help

Do the prayer with much faith and dedication

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Persevere in Prayer

Offer this prayer for 9 days in a row to obtain the miracle of health you need.


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Table of Contents

O reverent and powerful Saint Cyprian!

Blessed man, full of determination, clarity and insight,

who was famous cleric, prolific writer,

and, more importantly the most an incredibly helpful and, above all, a helpful bishop of the Church of the Creator,

Give us right now your support and blessings.



You , who are today entitled to enjoy Glory

and and Heaven and in Heaven, along and in Heaven, together with and in Heaven, together with Holy Trinity and and in Heaven, together with the Holy Trinity, Mary,

the Apostles, the Patriarchs and the Apostles, Angels and other Saints,

The Throne is surrounded by of the Most High and be awed by His presence,

I pray that my petitions and prayers will be heard.



Give me your protection and give me one of your greatest favors.

A blessed St. Cyprian, saint of charity and great assistance,

always overflowing with mercy, peace and love.



You are always alert to our sufferings,

of our deep emotional and sentimental issues,

listen to us, stretch out your hands and assist us:

Help us get rid of the burdens that break our hearts.



Help us get rid of the burdens that hurt our souls, and allow us benefit from your mediation

and we may get in the shortest time possible what we desire.

St. Cyprian, I am confident in your ability of mediation.



and I’m asking you assist me in attracting to, conquer and fall in my love …….

(say now (repeat the (repeat the name of someone you cherish),

Make her immediately get away from any other person who might be in her head.

that is a constant threat to her head, heart, or even your senses

and return to me, who takes in every thought of hers.



St. Cyprian, I ask you to ensure that he/she is not exposed to other love interests,

that he/she is only looking for me now and throughout the day,

ensure that they always have that desire of being with me.



could he or she be drawn to me and be over me.

that ……. will not be able to get without me.

He will always be in my thoughts and dreams and only me

And be certain that you and only I can be his absolute love.



At this moment, wherever and whoever they are,

I will be the first to look since his/her mind is about me:

Make sure that, when he/she retires in the grave, he/she will have only fantasies of me

And when he/she awoke when he/she awakes to be with me and be with me.



ensure that they see me during every meal.

every step he walks whenever he steps every step, he is thinking of me.

Every single thing the man does, let him be thinking of me.



He will always be drawn to me, and be able to smell my scent,

That he draws me in with love and desires to hug me, kiss me, or to kiss me,

In his head, that he is only trying to keep me safe and take my care, to pamper me

In his heart, I will love him each and every day.



and let his imagination and show him the love I pledge to him.

Saint Cyprian Saint Cyprian, you are the one who gives peace to the people who love you,

cause him to feel a profound and unheard of desire to me,

since no one has felt it , and no one has ever felt it.

Let him feel at home just with me.



create an intense desire and passion for me

and that he can only attain peace of mind when I am by his side.

Particularly, I would like you to get me the Heavens

what I’m asking with such confidence and faith:

(say to yourself with complete honesty your problems

and what you want to accomplish to be a happy, loving person).



I am sure you can make it happen what I’m asking for,

Please let my prayers be heard and heard,

with humbleness of heart, I am writing to you in humility.

Hoping that with the highest speed, you can work to my favor

and allow me to feel the desire to love ……..


From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank for you St. Cyprian,

I am sure that you’ll immediately take my request into consideration I am grateful to you.



In gratitude, I will make a flame in your honour,

Let it be known how you are helping me in my love

And I’ll keep me in my prayers for you;

my dearest Cipriano the holy benefactor, saintly benefactor, and protector

I ……. also swear to show you respect and reverence

all day long to all other moments and times.



O revered Saint. Cyprian, also ask God to be your Creator.

that, through his kindness, love and generosity that he will do justice and peace

could he show us the path of true life

to ensure that, when the time comes when we are ready, we will be able to take pleasure in

Together with you and other saints of eternal good.



By Jesus Christ our Lord, who is with the Father

And the Holy Spirit reigns and reigns Heaven

From everlasting to eternal. Amen.



You should pray with enthusiasm and commitment Three Our Fathers and 3 Glorias.

The prayer and the prayers should be performed three days in three days in a row.

Important Note: Although you may use the candle on any of the 3 days of prayers, but the most effective time to light it is at the night because it’s quieter and allows you to concentrate on the task at hand.┬áImagine whom you would like to impress and become infatuated with, and imagine that you have already been with him/her when the candle is lit. sit on the other side of them then look up towards the fire for couple of seconds, then speak out loud:


Soul and body from ……. (the identity of your partner you cherish).

You are not allowed to see the desire, feel, or desire anyone (or male) greater than I ……. (your first name).

The spirit of St. Cyprian, bring me his spirit!┬áSpirit from St. Martha, tame and control …….┬áSpirit of St. Helena, help me take over hearts of …….

The soul and body that of ……. (name or name of person) You are not to love or look at anyone (or man) except me by myself ……. (your identity) and you must not be looking at or look at anyone else than me.

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