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7 day prayer for souls in purgatory

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Table of Contents

1 Prayer for the souls in purgatory

Merciful Father, in union with the triumphant Church in heaven, I ask You to have mercy on the souls in purgatory. Remember Your eternal love for them and show them the infinite merits of Your beloved Son.


2. Prayer for the souls in purgatory

Deliver them from sorrow and pain so that they may soon enjoy peace and happiness. God, Heavenly Father, I thank You for the gift of perseverance You have given to the souls of the faithful who have died. Mable Savior, Jesus Christ.


3. Prayer for the souls in purgatory

You are the King of Kings in the land of bliss. I ask You, out of Your mercy, to hear my prayer and free the souls of purgatory, especially to _________ take them from the prison of darkness to the light and freedom of the children of God in the Kingdom of Your glory.


4. Prayer for the souls in purgatory

Kind Redeemer, I thank You for redeeming poor souls with Your precious Blood and saving them from eternal death. God Holy Spirit, kindle in me the fire of your divine love. Aviva, my faith and trust, graciously accept the prayers I offer You for the souls suffering in Purgatory.


5. Prayer for the souls in purgatory

I wish to use the merits of this devotion for the benefit of the entire suffering Church and especially for my deceased parents, brothers, sisters, biens, relatives and friends. Hear my prayer that we may gather together in the kingdom of your glory. God, Holy Spirit, I thank You for all the benefits with which You have sanctified, strengthened and relieved these blessed souls, and especially for consoling them in their present sufferings with the certainty of eternal happiness.


6. Prayer for the souls in purgatory

May they soon join you and hear those blessed words that call them to the home of heaven: “Come, my Father’s blessed! Take possession of the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world” (Mt 25:34). O God! You sent us to honor our father and mother.


For Your mercy, have mercy on my father (mother) and don’t remember his sins. That I may see them again in the joy of eternal splendor. I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. The family! Good Jesus! The pain and suffering of others always touches your heart.


7. Prayer for the souls in purgatory

Look at the souls of my dear relatives in purgatory. Hey, my compassion cries out for them and make those whom you have separated from our homes and hearts soon enjoy eternal rest in the home of your love in heaven.

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