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prayer to our lady of mt. carmel

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The majority of the Holy Mother, the majority of the Precious Virgin of CarmenMother of Mon e CarmelYou who are the pro ec ora of odos those who sufferAnd of those who e look for par ciparDe the goodness celes alesTe I ask humildemen e to listen to nues ras prayersToday I want to encomendar e the nues ros relatives that las mosamen e fallecidoEspecialmen e have fallecidoEspecialmen e a.


And also odas the souls of purga orioTu that you are the most divine virginPurest and castsimaIn ercede delan e of Jesucris oQuien is nues ro Lord as well as SaviourSo that momento of presen arse can e himBe a merciful Loving mother as well as most divine pious virginWatch over those who are still es amos in the es e rae worldAnd be comfort to nues ras life, D

ue to the fact that es amos enduring an oConc├ędenos the grace of amar e as well as venerar e foreverTo lead us with love an e the SonAnd jun o to him allow us to live in magnificence e ernaTe I beseech you to approve e erno remainder to (name of loved one) And also to odas the bendi as almasPermi e that u scapular, Take it away from the sight of GodMake Bendi a Virgin of CarmelThat the light may shine for (name of loved one).

Most Holy Mother, Most Venerable Virgin of Mount Carmel, Pious Mother of Mount Carmel, You who are the Protector of all those who persevere and of those who seek You to share in the divine benefits, I humbly ask You to hear our prayers. Today I wish to entrust to You our dearly departed loved ones, especially (name your loved one) and all the souls in Purgatory.

You, Most Holy, Most Pure and Most Chaste Virgin, intercede before Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, so that when they appear before Him, He may be a merciful judge and forgive them all their sins. Most loving and holy Mother, most merciful Virgin, watch over those who are still on this earth and bring consolation to our lives, for we endure much.

Give us the elegance to love and adore you all our lives, so that you may lead us adoringly before the Son, so that we may meet him in eternal glory. I ask you to grant eternal rest to (name your loved one) and to all the blessed spirits. May your scapular lead them to the existence of God.

Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel, make eternal light shine for (name of family member), and also by the mercy of God and also by your own grace, may all the deceased who have no one to pray for them rest in peace.

Remember to ask the Lord not to neglect our petitions and also to remove this pain from our hearts, because we are certain, wonderful Virgin of Carmen, that on that day we shall meet again, there in heaven, where we shall enjoy your presence, the Father as well as the Son. Amen”.

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