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Powerful prayers and spells: Santiago Apostle

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Most glorious Santiago, Apostle of Jesus Christ, unique model of Spain, father of countless holy martyrs, terror of demons, terror of our enemies, to whom we owe, according to God, the faith we profess and prophesy; and for all these merits that God has given you, we ask you, through your intercession, the remedy for our needs, those of the Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, success in government, peace and tranquillity in our homeland, and for all your divine graces and consolations that we need, if it pleases the divine Majesty who lives and reigns for centuries and centuries. Amen.


Heart, he was one of Christ’s closest and most trusted disciples. He was called Zebedee, which means: the one who gives or has given: And it is true that he gives us many gifts, and he was given by God for our protection,


My God and Lord, who has endowed our patron with excellent names of the highest significance, to encourage us to trust in our needs and in the sufferings we endure, we thank you for raising us to the Holy Master, and we pray to you through his intercession.


So that we may live in your grace and be your consolation, we ask you to grant our petition, if it is for our spiritual benefit. Amen. One day the Saviour was on the sea shore and he commanded that with the help of the Zebedee they should take the nets with traps and fill the two fishes with fish.


Here Christ called Saint Peter and his brother Andr├ęs, who came out of the nets and followed him. The Divine Master walked a little, saw Santiago and his brother John, called and came out of the fish, nets and father followed Jesus. We thank you because you have favoured our saint; and we ask you through your intercession, we help with your grace so that we may leave the things that prevent us from following your divine call.


And grant us the favour we ask, if it is for your service and our spiritual benefit. Amen. One of the most outstanding, with the greatest trust, intimacy and affection. Communicate to Jesus, like the other Apostles, the gift of performing miracles; but Santiago and his brother wanted to assert power in favour of the Teacher; they wanted fire to come down from heaven and consume the city of Samaria, which ungratefully did not see Jesus Christ.


We thank thee, O Lord, that thou mayest glorify our patron and grant us the consolation we pray for, that we may be at thy service and for our good, not only to teach our holy apostle, but also to communicate with the family and discover many secrets and mysteries for our teaching, and to share in thy power to heal the sick and raise the dead. Amen. Among his privileges was the founding of the Church.


He was present at the drafting of the Creed, which contained the following article: the conception of the Word in the purest womb of Mary and her glorious birth, coming forth as Virgin and Mother of God. He was present at the sermon in which Santiago occupied Spain.


that you exercised your omnipotence in instructing the apostles to teach us the faith, and you gave them the power to loosen the bonds of sin; we ask through your intercession that we may never depart from the faith of the articles confessed by the Holy Church, and that the greatest devotion may grow to Mary Most Holy Mother our Advocate, whom we also ask to intercede so that we may obtain the benefit we ask for, if it is to our spiritual advantage. Amen.


His preaching lasted more than three years, Holy Mary, Mother of God of his tender Apostle,  visited them: James was in prayer with his disciples, he appeared on a pillar supported by angels of jasper and said: In this place you will build my church and my altar. On the pillar he built the altar with the holy image and placed it under the protection of Mary Most Holy.


Oh glory of the Holy Apostle! That it was worth sending us to Santiago, an apostle so zealous that he showed us and confirmed us in the faith, that you have given us in Mar├şa Sant├şsima del Pilar a strong wall for our defence and protection in our anguish; we beg and ask for his intercession to give us comfort, if it is for your greatest glory and our good. Amen.


There he continued his preaching and became Pilate, a disciple of the magician Hermogenes; he converted Hermogenes and, irritating the Jews, asked Herod to condemn him to death, which was done. Driven to torture, he healed a paralytic; in this miracle, Josias became; more enraged, the Jews demanded the death of Josias, and the two were beheaded, in the month, hour and day that our Saviour died. both to your Apostle, dying in the day, month and hour that you died.


Let us give thanks for what you gave him, and through his intercession ask for a simple heart, not hardened like the Jews, and grant us the faith we ask of you. A.M.


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