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Prayer to saint raphael the archangel for healing

How to get a health miracle

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Table of Contents

Prayer Archangel Raphael Healing

Blessed Archangel Raphael The glorious prince of heaven You who are at the right side of the Most High Send our prayers to him with love. You are a special messenger from God.



To present your petitions and desires before Him. To grant you permission to protect my family and my loved ones. My family, my loved ones, and I My home, my work and my business.



From all evil, all enemies and all dangers The Holy Cross and the three nails And you, Saint Raphael Archangel. The Holy Cross, the Holy Nails, and Saint Raphael Archangel always be with us. Keep us safe from all evil and wickedness From every evil undertaking and foe.



Jesus Christ died on the Cross. Let it answer my questions and speak for me and my family Soften your heart and emotions Of those who would cause us harm.



St. Raphael please, with great devotion That in the name God Deliver us from all evils acquired or sent All magic, enchantment, or sorcery are exempted All misfortunes and calamities, including diseases, are covered. And pour thy blessings upon my and mine… All good things may enter our home.



To open the door to happiness and health Happiness, abundance, and prosperity. In the name and honor of the Holy Spirit Please clarify and purify my ways We can all enjoy love and happiness.



To guide us in positive ways We may not face an obstacle.



These are the things that stop us from moving forward and pursuing our dreams. And that there is nothing visible or invisible




. Our goals will not be stopped by anyone. And that Satan is now a captive Never approach me from the side or back.

O good Archangel Raphael, Guide us along our journey.




Take us by the hands as you did with Tobias youngster. Protect us from the dangers and vicissitudes of life We are here to help you and protect you Show us the safe way to safety! To the gates of the heavenly Jerusalem.

Amen, may it so.



Be praised and pray seven times for the Our Father


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Prayer to saint raphael the archangel for healing

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