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prayers to the virgen de guadalupe

How to get a health miracle

Faith in God's help

Do the prayer with much faith and dedication

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Persevere in Prayer

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Table of Contents

O my Mother of Guadalupe


O my most holy Lady, most revered by allMost pure Virgin, daughter of God, the FatherBeautiful, sweet, gentle and kind.Do not abandon us, O Mother beloved,Deliver us from all dangers and all evilHelp us when we need itOur difficult problems can be solved favorablyWe know that there is no impossible for you.



All love is for your generous heart All kindness, compassion, and gentleness At the feet of your Sacred Images Today, I would like to confide in you my deepest and most difficult fears. My problems are almost impossible to solve. All that causes me pain, unease and disquiet.


Before you I place my desperate needs For which I have no other way, Because they are more powerful than my human strength You, my Mother, are aware of this.


Probleme for which there is no solution I have faced difficulties that seemed insurmountable My heart is overwhelmed by afflictions Make me feel lonely, overwhelmed, and abandoned Setbacks, annoyances, and needs That I entrust to you, Most Holy Mother of Guadalupe So that you can do the impossible To give them a satisfactory

solution as quickly as possible


Make with much hope the petition


O Mother, a savior for sinners Most sweet Queen of Angels and Men Who prays continually for us Your mediation skills will make this possible, I’m sure. Your children are loved by you.


Your immense goodness and perfect surrender You will not allow the anxiety or the dissolusion to get in the way of your happiness That today invades and greatly affects my life Do not ignore the problem, and do not ask for your help.



My life is offered to you in your holy and blessed hands. My faith, my hope and my whole being. Never abandon me, never let me go Protect me in all of the moments that I live. Be the star that guides me to safety.



Your protection and help, Mother. All that I have, all that I am, I give to you. Walk with me on the roads, and fill them up with peace. Love, justice, and prosperity Your most beautiful hands may never cease to bless you They may also bless and favor me. God the Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit





Remember O Virgin of Guadalupe the most merciful You can be sure that no one has come to your defense. We beg for thy assistance.


You have abandoned it This confidence has inspired me to come to you. O Virgin Mary, Mother to the true God! I feel heavy under the weight of all my sins and I still struggle to breathe. I dare to make an appearance before your sovereign presence.



Don’t dismiss, O holy Mother, my humble supplications. But, incline your ears towards them They will be listened to favorably. Amen.



Now, pray with great fervor.To the most amazing Virgin of GuadalupeFour Hail Marys to remember the four apparitions.Then, pray three Glorias to the Most Holy Trinity.

Three days consecutively, the prayers and the prayers will be said.



The miracle Virgin of Guadalupe listens to all who call upon her with confidence in their need. She is our sweet hope, despite the bitterness and problems we all face in daily life.

You can go to her to ask for help. She will give you all the answers you need.


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O my Mother of Guadalupe


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