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A pray for love

How to get a health miracle

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A portrait or a piece of clothing that has belonged to the absent or captive person for some time is needed. The interested person is called by the surname of the absent person and then the name of the absent person is called by the surname of the interested person.


If there is no portrait, with a piece of cloth, shirt, dress, handkerchief or any other garment, a doll is made. One or two meters of the narrowest white bar is purchased and the names of the aforementioned form are written.


that super four fingers. On the first night, the prayer of the Blessed Death is recited and the portrait is tied in the same way as the doll, making a knot every night for nine days.}


k love jobs


If the result is not favorable, it is allowed to rest for one night and the novena begins again the next night.


The above is done in a room alone, not forgetting that the petition must be done with faith and patience up to three novenas.


The prayer must be done late at night, since it is necessary to locate the spirit of the person when he is at rest.


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a prayer for lovers

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