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Prayers for Finances


3 powerful prayers

How to get a health miracle

Faith in God's help

Do the prayer with much faith and dedication

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Persevere in Prayer

Offer this prayer for 9 days in a row to obtain the miracle of health you need.


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Table of Contents

1 powerful prayers

Father of Death,
Father of the Night.

Father of Birth,
Father of Light,
Cernunnos, Herne, Pan, Bel,
Fauno, Gob, Lugh,
Old Man and Lord of the Universe.
Oh, my Lord the Astate!

Oh, ancient god of the sun
and bearer of light
that flees into darkness!


2 powerful prayers

Oh, old lord
Why do you come from beyond
the doors of death
and renaissance,
To give life to all on land!

Come, I call upon you, for you are Cernunnos, Herne, Pan,
Bel, Faun

You are all and yet you are one.

Come, my Lord, I call upon you.
Join me in this mystical rite. Fauno, Gob, Lugh,
The Old Man and Lord of the Universe. The clouds
and the secret of the living flame
who urges her children to go to him,
who is the flesh of the earth
and all its beings.


3 powerful prayers

Through you we know
that all things must die
and then be born again,
for this too is part of the mystery
that I know they find in you and in me.

All principles have an end,
and all endings have their beginning. ,
Lord of the creatures of the earth,
In you is the holy victory, Herne, Pan,
Bel, Faun.

are blessed in all your names
and many attributes!

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