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prayer for your love to call you quickly

How to get a health miracle

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Table of Contents

May my love call me soon

You understand that you cannot live without me. My GNP (name)

are you going to try to resist? You don’t call me now,
you’re going to call me later
But now you can be sure
What will you call me.

You understand that you are in love with my crr┬á and you can’t be without my presence.┬á Miguel, Gabriel and Rafael,
to illuminate your heart
and undo any questions.  Gabriel will announce my name,

 Gabriel anunciará mi nombre,
blowing you the eare the word love
and you will remember me Gnp

Rafael that will use The curative balm
to heal the distrust
that has been developed in your heart
and to keep the scar
open of love and desire for me GNP _

So it is with all my love
When this message is published
In two minutes he will have an irresistible impulse
of calling me and will give to do
Everything I am waiting for



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