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Prayers for Finances


st norbert patron saint of

How to get a miracle to buy what you need

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He was a German saint from the 12th century that was a close friend of the emperor of that nation.


Noble educated, brilliant, and rich, he was a result of an erratic and reckless youth and in the aftermath of an accident that occurred during a ride in a horseback carriage, lightning struck him and threw him down. After waking, he made the decision to give up the lifestyle which he led and donate his possessions to the less fortunate.



St. Norbert retired to the monastery to perform penance and to serving God and his neighbors with all of his energy.


A few years later, the priest was ordained and was granted by the Pope the mandate to spread the gospel and evangelize barefoot and without any financial support. Later, he was given the task of establishing an institution of charity and prayer.


He was able to achieve huge success, as the Order spread across Europe. After he was appointed archbishop, and left the monastery as a trustworthy, just generous bishop, most importantly committed to God and the spiritual and material wellbeing of his followers.


His altruistic thoughts and his concern for justice, for decrying the excesses and luxuries of clergymen, his stoutness in his statements against heresy, for deploring the cruelties of the nobles in their treatment of the poor, toward the marginalized and the most vulnerable and marginalized, he was subjected to ridicules, humiliations, insults as well as defamations.


He was even subjected to violence even if it was attempted against his life several times. The feast day of his patron saint is held on June 6.


Protector of those who suffer injustice, protector of peace and all who fight to promote it, throughout his time he carried out many miraculous feats.


He died in 1134 , and following his death, his grave was a sacred place frequented by many faithful for the numerous miracles that were performed and are being performed there.

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