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Prayers for Finances


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Table of Contents

prayer to saint norbert against envy, evil tongues, enemies and injustice

O magnificent Saint Norbert He now rejoices in the glory of God.

in the same way as God Our Merciful and Just Father

And from there, you grant us your beloved shelter and protection.

We ask for relief from difficult times

and effective cure for our ailments and sorrows

Thou who hast put thy trust in prayer

Please pray for us and give us the same love and devotion you showed us.

in order that, with confidence and faith we will be able to connect with God

and get the benefits and favours he has been seeking.



You who walked with dedication to poverty

of the simple and sacrificial of monastic life

you were patient during the most painful times,

We can be assured that we know how to stay patient and never lose our faith

in the Holy help that we receive via the Most High

as we traverse difficult times.



St. Norbert, who is a saintly man, whose virtues are exemplary and self-abnegation, you have enthralled the world


You were ordained to be a the bishop and servant from the Holy Church,

Get us to our Heavens humbleness in the course of our lives,

and everything else that is needed for pleasing Almighty God.

You, blessed St. Norbert,

that in your past didn’t give into untrue pleasures.

who were modest who were stoic, rigid in your manners but sober and sane in your lifestyle

You were harshly slandered and you were humiliated,

insulted, denigrated and falsely accused

seek from God Jesus justice fairness, equality, respect in all things, fairness, and impartiality.

respect and impartiality in our daily lives

and that no one hurt us through his actions.



The Venerable Bishop Norberto who has faithfully served the Lord

to your apostolic spirit, for your devotion to the community,

We come to you in search of your personal intercession

We must keep away all jealousy, hatred and hatred,

Save us from defamation or gossip, and from evil tongues,

Let no one cause harm, confusion or injury to us.



Be it through hatred or violence, harassment, or other vile acts,

We must be treated fairly with fairness, equity and justice in all we do or don’t do.

in all we do, or do,

We offer you your strong defense against every threat

and save us from every negative person, neighbor , or bad company.


Saint Norbert, for your ardent charity, for your devotion,

Do us a favor by paying attention to our pleas

You know that we have been through a difficult time

and we’re in need of the Divine assistance to get rid of them.



In your hands, we hand over all our worries and demands to you.

We present them to you to do so in the presence of God the Lord of our lives,

to ensure that we are to be benefited by what we are struggling with:

(say the issue and then (state the issue and to get).



Saint Norbert the Glorious saint, a man of unmatched faith,

An admirable Church pastor, generous donor to the needy,

take us by the hand as of now as well as in the future.

Give us protection against every evil that might occur to us.



and your security and your protection and your protection when you see the enemy

serve as our heavenly mediator before our Eternal Father,

Your help will allow us to be heard, cared for and receive treatment ASAP if it is possible.

and to get as quickly as is possible the information we have asked to receive as soon as possible what we ask.

If it’s for the glory of the Most Exalted and for the benefit of our souls.



Amen. +

God bless us! St. Norbert, pray for us,

thanks for the many miracles God does through for you and the many miracles that God performs through.

I ask you to never abandon us in the absence of your security

We are protected from every threat, danger, and trouble.



O God Creator and Redeemer for all the faithful,

Grant that, through your intercession with St. Norbert,

and through our sincere and pure prayers,

We have, in faith, given to you in this prayer

May we be granted the forgiveness for our mistakes and wrongs

and what we have been requesting out of great trust and confidence in You.



to ensure to ensure that throughout our daily lives, there is peace and calm.

Thank you Fatherfor the way you have enriched your church

by virtues and graces of your holy women and men

and that you named the name of your man St. Norbert

to follow Jesus Christ to follow Jesus Christ, our Lord Jesus Christ,

in the life of consecration and, assisted by your unending grace,

He knew how to offer aid to the less fortunate and justice to those who were vulnerable.



May your good Saint Norbert, our protector,

help us along our journey through the earth

and instruct us to follow his example in the execution of his works,

May his mediation be of help to us gain the strength we require

to to live in the dazzling Grace of God’s divine light

to be saved and finally reach Heaven.



Through Jesus Christ our Lord, be it so.

Today, you can pray with devotion three Our Fathers Three Hail Marys and three Glory Be.

Three Hail Marys, along with three Glory Be’s.

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