­čÄ»Prayers for finances­čÄ»

Prayers for Finances



How to get a miracle to buy what you need

Faith in God's help

Do the prayer with much faith and dedication

Share the prayer

Share the prayer in your social networks with your relatives and people who need help to buy their products.

Persevere in Prayer

Offer this prayer for 9 days in a row to get the miracle to make the purchase you need.


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God is infinitely great and all-powerful, he keeps his promises, he is our support, his hand is always there to protect us.


He is all goodness, he is our ultimate good, he is our healer, our savior, and our savior.


He is our loving Father, who gives us his support at the right moment. God is always present in our lives. He is our provider and he is there to help us. Ask him to help you with your troubles and sorrows and give you hope and sweet relief. His mercy will make you happy and free you from all troubles.


Ask him to lighten your burden by blessing you with his blessings and ask from above to perform a miracle in your life so that you can end the despair and dejection you feel.



O my Lord, God, the Heavenly Father, Creator all things,

Divine source of all favor, the giver of every gift and good,

I join myself with Thee in prayer, asking Thee to bestow Thy blessing on me.

We are grateful for your kindness and willingness to assist us.



Show compassion for us and Thy great Power to us

You who pour generously on the earth Thy Provision

You must recognize my helplessness, fragility and resolve them with efficacy

The multitude of needs and problems that I face.



I beg you to give me your support, protection, and succor.

So that I don’t falter, and that I can find a solution to all my problems.

Your Divine and Holy Love are my protection.



Your inexhaustible mercy may reach me.

Your goodness may fill me, fill my heart, and bring joy to my soul.

Also, I ask for your support in overcoming all adversities.



To overcome any adversities that may be thrown my way

I have the strength to resist sin.



This day, I am grateful for your kind words.

Even though the circumstances in your life may seem terrible.

I will never lose faith in you and place my trust in you.



The Divine Essence of You is able to know the future, the past and the present.

You can even see the darkest thoughts.



Look into my heart to see everything that worries me.

Therefore, I beg of you to give me the immense benefit I ask for.





God, Lord of the Universe, Creator heaven and earth

I beg of thee to give me thy powerful help.

Please work miracles in my life, I beg you.



(Repeated 3 times).



This day I stand with faith, hope, and confidence.

This is my petition to You

Ask for the miracle you need

(Repeat 3 times).



I know You are by my side.

I will do anything to make a difference in your life.

(Repeat 3 times).



Now, I feel Your Presence.

(Repeat 3 times).



Thank You for your unconditional love.

Thank you for all the help.

(Repeat 3 times).



I am Your Infinite Source.

And the miracles happen in my life.

(Repeat 3 times).



Your generosity gives me peace, and I feel secure.

That I am certain of that because of your provision and your clemency

My happiness and prosperity are now certain.

(Repeat 3 times).



I am your child, and I know you are a loving Father.

My needs will be heard compassionately

(Repeat 3 times).



All my hopes, all my illusions, and all my yearnings are mine.

In your most merciful and loving hands.

(Repeat 3 times).



I am aware that you have received my request.

Like a pleasant scent.

(Repeat 3 times).



The miracles in my life are realizing.

You take care of me.

(Repeat 3 times).



Now I am certain that the miracle has already occurred.

(Repeat 3 times).



Thank You for being a faithful and true Father.

Who never leaves your children.

(Repeat 3 times).



It is so, it is done. +

With great faith and devotion, now

Recite the Creed and an Our Father.


For 21 consecutive consecutive days, you must pray the prayer above and the specific prayers without interruption.

For 21 consecutive days without interruption

If you’d like, you can add the following prayer to your prayers:




O Divine Father, merciful, patient, and abundant Our sweet hope, who looks upon and loves us We are grateful for your kind and generous hospitality When we repent and return to you, Accept our sincere gratitude.


Your Name is praised today and at all times.

Dios padre oracion poderosa para obtener un milagro



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