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Prayers for Finances


short prayer for strength and courage in difficult times

How to get a miracle to buy what you need

Faith in God's help

Do the prayer with much faith and dedication

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Persevere in Prayer

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Lord in heaven, my Father I am loved by those who treat me with kindness and understanding Give me a helping hand if I fall. You take care of me every day, from sunrise to dusk. I know that you will always be there to protect, support, and keep me safe. Take me into your arms, and give me your peace.




Receive my appreciation for everything you have done for me Thank you for all that you do every day. I might not suffer, may feel no pain, and may not have to endure hardship. I pray for your continued presence in my life.Your faith will strengthen me and my love.



And grant me the strength to walk steadily. The path to truth and justice Despite all obstacles and darkness Despite all obstacles and difficulties Holy Father of infinite mercy Let your ear hear what I say when I’m sad… Your words inspire me with courage and confidence When problems interfere with my life They are too much for me to bear.



Your unimaginable grace may never leave me That I don’t lose my way or lose my heart. Your immeasurable good health may be yours Give me the protection, help and support I need. This is a difficult and urgent issue This is what bothers me most and keeps me up at night.



(Make the request with great faith).



You are aware, Lord, of how difficult it is for you to do this. I beg You to grant me the ability to move forward. To get out of the bad times that oppress me. I beg You to help me get out of this terrible moment in my life.




Eliminate the deceit and injustice that leads to fear, loneliness, and injustice in my life. To drive out enemies and evil people To drive out those who only desire my confusion



Come to me again and show me your mercy. Eliminating adversity, suffering Give me your blessing so that I can be happy.



We are grateful, Lord of Heaven and Earth. You will never leave me in the face so many trials.


O my Father, who loves me and cares for all of us, Almighty God, who walks beside me always I am grateful for all the blessings that you have bestowed upon me.



Thank you for your protection at all times You are my greatest love and I am grateful for your kindness and great love. You are my refuge and strength, and I trust you to hear me.



God of all hope, Godof all comfort turn your gaze unhesitatingly upon us, your children, Accept the petitions that we humblely offer to you Give us the chance to fulfill our dreams Please surround us with your love and mercy, and providence. Enjoy the joy and peace that comes from you. It may become a hymn to deliverance.



O Father, I thank you, I praise and I love you. Help this servant of Thine who is in need Who so desperately needs Thee in his suffering.



Through Jesus Christ, our Lord & Brother Who lives and reigns with Thee In the unity of Holy Spirit One God for all eternity and ever.




Five times the Our Father, five times the Glory. Five days in succession, the prayer and supplications can be said.



Talk to God, tell Him everything that is troubling you. Put your trust in Him, tell Him what you need.



He will help you be happy in your own life as well as the lives of your loved ones. Ask Him to help and guide you through the difficult times. Ask Him to help you see the light, to clear your path, and to show you that He is trustworthy.

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