­čÄ»Prayers for finances­čÄ»

Prayers for Finances


A prayer for wisdom in order to get the most affordable rat

How to get a miracle to buy what you need

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Table of Contents


Heavenly Father We ask you today for wisdom. Help me in buying the right course that will allow me to acquire knowledge and, consequently, be able to be professionally prepared in everything I plan to do.help me choose the most effective course:

Programming Courses.

  • Google Courses.
  • Forex-related courses.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Help me earn an online degree that is accredited in business administration.
  • Accredited online psychology degree.
  • Bachelor’s degree in educational psychology.
  • A psychology bachelor’s degree online.
  • Any other course that can provide me an academically-based education.


We are able to focus only at the moment and past however, only you are able to predict the future. Plan our course for us and assist us to make the best choice just for us, but also for those who choose the best path for our future but also for us in preparing.


Lord, I pray to Your guidance and clarity. I ask Your guidance throughout this, and in the next phase that I am in.


We require clarity to understand Your messages and follow Your directions to ensure that I choose the best path to my personal growth.


The best choice for a platform to purchase the course

Help me to select the most suitable learning platform for this course to aid me in reaching my objectives: that you are safe purchase courses on Udemy and courses on platzi E-learning, purchase courses from hotmart, or any other platform which will permit me to recoup the amount I invested.


Father, we stand before You this morning to ask God for the miracle you have created. We ask that You Lord grant me the ability to determine which way is best for me.


God give us wisdom and grant me the capacity to gain knowledge in this next phase that will help me expand and bring wealth to me along with my loved ones.


God Lord, I’m here today to seek divine wisdom.┬áIn any situation that I encounter I’m always confronted with the challenge of not having an immediate solution.


In this regard, I’m asking for your help regarding how I can handle all of the essential aspects of this class I’m about to begin.


Teach me , because I’m eager to follow and listen to your direction.

I am before You to request You to help me make the best choices not just for me but also for the people who are around me.┬áBoth emotionally and financially with this course that I’m about to buy.


You are my strength and I am sure that through Your help and your God’s intervention this will be just one of the many miracles You’ll accomplish.┬áAmen.


I am before You Father as a humble child of Yours to request Your the strength to complete my endeavors and select the most appropriate path for me.


I beg Lord, Lord, when I are weak, to lift me up. When I am lifted to walk alongside the rest of me, and to guide my steps. Thank God for Your presence and granting me grace. Amen.


Father, I pray for wisdom regarding the program I’m planning to purchase.┬áI ask for strength from my classmates and teachers to be able to adjust to any situation that I am in.


I’m asking you to step in to my life to take charge over my professional career.┬áThank you for offering me an open ear.┬áAmen.


A prayer for wisdom in order to get the most affordable rat in PDF

Heavenly Father We ask you today for wisdom

A prayer for wisdom in order to get the most affordable rat in audio

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