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Prayers for Finances



How to get a miracle to buy what you need

Faith in God's help

Do the prayer with much faith and dedication

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Table of Contents


Lord, I’d like prayer that the heart of my be blessed as I pick auto insurance for my journey.


Like a father who is thrilled when he gifts his children and is able to feel their joy and gratitude I know I am blessed by my Heavenly Father is worthy of this and more to fulfill my requirements in this regard.


Lord, I would like be praying that the heart of my be blessed when I select insurance for my vehicle.


Like a father who is thrilled when he gifts his children and is able to feel the joy and happiness of their children I am sure I am blessed by my Heavenly Father is worthy of this and more to fulfill my requirements in this particular area.


Car insurance, choosing my entire family.


So , on Thanksgiving Day, I want to hop in my car and express my gratitude and joy for the fact that you helped me select an insurance policy that offers my family and me the security we require.


Lord, I would like prayerfully ask that my vehicle will bless You in the manner that I make use of it. I pray that Your kingdom will come and your will be accomplished in this particular area of my life.


I’d like to ask you to help me find the best insurance for my vehicle and to make me a responsible citizen with a reliable gas station, a good mechanic, an insurance agent who is good and a good body shop. good parts and tire store.


Lord, I ask for you to move alongside myself and by me both in spirit as well as in action.


I request You’re forgiveness from my reckless driving as well as taking me away from You as well as in the sense of driving.


Dear Lord, please help me accept forgiveness for others’ lapses just as You have forgiven me. Also, help me in praying for them, too.



Better car insurance to safeguard my investment.

Please hear my prayers Lord and bless this car by your right hand, holy and pure.


Help me select and get the best car insurance that will protect my investment. Then command your angels to be with it, to protect everyone who rides in it from any risk and ensure their safety always.


In the same way that you offered confidence and grace by your deacon Philip for the person from Ethiopia who stood in his chariot and took the time to read from the Holy Word, so show your faithful servants the path of salvation.


Let them, through the power of Your grace, and with hearts devoted to good works to enjoy eternal happiness in the midst of all the sufferings and joys of life’s journey.


Holy God Thank you for providing me with peace in my situations.┬áI’ve learned to be content in every circumstance and am confident that my car is secure because of Your blessing.


I am able to live on very small resources. I am also aware that I will be able to experience the joy of living in abundance. Father, I am able to do anything because You empower me! With Your help I can accept and accomplish a miracle for my vehicle!


The most precious God I love You. My God, You are my treasure.┬áIt’s easy to become materialistic on this earth. But where my treasure is, my heart will be too.┬áI would like my spending to reflect my ideals.


I ask God to be faithful by my financial affairs. I am now in need of insurance for my car.


God Thank God for revealing through Your words that You’ll grant me all I need according to Your glory and riches.┬áBecause You’re the same Yesterday and today and for ever I am confident that You’ll also remain faithful and never leave me.


God I am sure that earthly fathers are also able to be generous and provide to their children. My Father in heaven, what do you love giving great gifts to your children? My God who has provided hundreds of people with handful of fish and bread with such abundance that they could be fed and have leftover food.


And I am sure that You are generously rewarded for all your good works and keep feeding the birds consequently, of course, I have more value than them!





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