Prayers for finances

Prayers for Finances


prayer saint charbel

How to get a miracle to buy what you need

Faith in God's help

Do the prayer with much faith and dedication

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Persevere in Prayer

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If we’re unable to meet our obligations to our daily requirements or the bills we are required to make each day, we feel guilty and frustrated not being able to provide our loved ones the things they want, we don’t have the peace important to live and appreciate the world around us. We feel depressed and see no solution.


There always is something we can explore, and we could turn to God to let our troubles be known to him. St. Karbel is a powerful protector for us is an extremely effective intercessor.


Be awestruck by this saint who will help you with your prayers. To make your request that are heard, and be answered visit St. Karbel so that you will receive quickly the solution you’ve always wanted and can end the issues and anxiety that create problems with finances and the financial problems.





O glorious saint! Blessed monk saint Charbel,

The call of God to be a person of prayer, sacrifice, and solitude

those who were enthralled by the illumination that is the Eucharist,

illuminate the lives of us with your incredible illumination,

Give us comfort, relief and a way to overcome adversity

help us overcome our problems with your amazing assistance

With your support, we can strengthen our faith and optimism.



Saint Charbel the beloved child of God the Father. God,

Who lives in the hermitage in isolation from all things,

and in true humility, a sincere surrender and humility

you’ve experienced pain in your body and soul

to be able to enter blissfully to Heaven,

Help us through the difficulties as well as in our griefs and worry,

Save us from all troubles and mishaps

that delay, stop and slow our advancement.



St. Cherbel, miraculous saint and a powerful intercessor

of those in dire need and are experiencing hardships

I am here to address you with humility and complete confidence in my own being

to solicit and ask for to ask for your help and assistance,

I implore you to intercede before the Lord The Most High Father.



in order to obtain the funds I require

to be out as quickly as is possible from this horrible economic crisis

that is a burden on me and creates so much anxiety,

in order to be in a position to pay the obligations I’ve signed

and this utter financial deficit that does not permit me to relax

and is the reason for the displeasure I feel for myself and my family members:



(now with recollection and faith to saint Charbel,

You can ask him for assistance with the things you must find)

Oh, mighty Saint Karbel you who have a place in Heaven,

You who have always had mercy on the ones who are suffering please help me

One message from you Jesus Crucified,

Our Savior, Redeemer and Lord who radiates generosity,

is sufficient for God to show compassion for me.



and quickly and efficiently to my inquiry.

St. Cherbel, heart full of virtue and love,

those have were a fan of Jesus as well as Jesus and the Holy Eucharist so much,

you nourished yourself every day on God’s Word of God.



and abstained from all things that might separate you from the resurrection of Jesus Christ

from the Jesus Christ the Risen Jesus Christ and his Blessed Mother,

Please send my sincere request to them,

I’d like to see my issues resolved as soon as it is possible.



because even if I try for the sake of it, I can’t be able to do it all on my own.

I also would like to invite for your assistance in providing my refuge and shelter.

May your example inspire me to love forever Jesus Mary and Jesus. Mary,

to be more generous towards my fellow human beings and to grow in my faith

Saint Karbel. Grant me that I will never give up hope,

and by completing God’s desires

I might, when the time comes, be able to reach my goal of reaching Heavenly Homeland.



Amen. +

The Three Our Fathers and three Glorias are being recited in awe.


It is essential to speak with sincerity to Saint Karbel and share with him about your issues in order for him to bring the matter to God and grant your relief with regard to your financial problems. Make the prayer and prayers with a lot of faith and optimism for three consecutive days.

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