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Prayers for Finances



How to get a miracle for your finances

Faith in God's help

Do the prayer with much faith and dedication

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Persevere in Prayer

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Saint Onofre is an important mediator and protector of men. This illustrious anchorite lived his long life in a cave praying and doing continuous penance to please God. In return for his goodness, virtues, and exemplary life, he was granted the gift of being an advocate to our serious problems and the ability to seeibly favor his devotees.


He is often invoked and fervently celebrated for his worthiness, and for being specially appointed by God to provide his assistance when we face labor-related problems and help us with economic difficulties that are serious.


He is also the saint that attracts good fortune and makes it easier to get extra money through investments, business or raffles.


Ask Saint Onofre to help you overcome all past and future evils, misfortunes, and shortages. He will give you the health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness that you deserve.




My magnificent and admirable St. Onofre saint of virtues and prayer

Who has shown yourself to the world through your dedication and faith?

As a true disciple of Christ Jesus and an imitator,

Our Lord, brother, and Savior

A saint who showed courage and fortitude

You have never left the side the Eternal Lord’s side.

Today, you can feel close to Divine Providence.



I beg you to make your effective supplications

So that Heaven may provide me with as much help as possible

In my greatest economic and labor need

O admirable, glorious St. Onofre

Sincere and certain consolation for the suffering

It is highly regarded and revered all over the globe

For all the good things that you get

For those who are fervent, humble, and trust worthy,

And who does so many miracles for your devotees?

Please accept my sincere request to help me in times of need.



In the face of need, and all that is afflicting me

It causes me great anguish, uneasiness, and disquiet.

I don’t lose hope or trust

In the eternal Promises of His Divine Majesty.



Follow the path of sanctity.

With heroic determination, you can overcome obstacles

Grant that I may feel the beneficial effects

Your powerful intercession for our Father God

Help me get what I need:

(to ask with great faith what one would like to achieve).

St. Onofre, the most faithful and venerated servant

In the name of The Great Power of God

In the Name of his Son Jesus Christ, and of the Holy Spirit

I wait with hope for your intercession, and your blessing

To receive what I request from you and which is so important for me,

I am grateful for your generous and effective protection.



My urgent and desperate needs.

Saint of good fortune, and financial miracles

I wish you all the best in your games of chance

In my financial investments and in my business

I wish you good fortune and luck.



So that my life is filled with love and prosperity.

O my Blessed Saint, O Beneficient Protector

Use your mediation power before the Lord, who loves you

And may my dreams be fulfilled soon.



Bring my supplications to the Throne Of The Most High

I beg him to give me a look of compassion

Fill me with your blessings, with all that is good and best;

Also, grant me the grace to emulate your virtues.



Increase my willingness to accept the things God asks me to do, particularly so that I can help my neighbor.

I want to be able to help others and do good deeds.

So that I can find true happiness in the act of giving.

Because only by giving will we get.

Give thanks to the Lord.



For the infinite love and mercy

He has shown his love and generosity to his children.

With the assurance that His hands are more than capable of saving our lives,

For He cares more for us than we do for ourselves.

It is possible through Jesus Christ. +

You should pray with great fervor three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys, and three Glorias. Repeat all three at least three times a day.

You can offer Saint Onofre a yellow-brown bicolor candles as a sacrifice.

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