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Prayers for Finances


Prayers of support to the mesothelioma survivors.

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Almighty, everlasting God, you know my heart. You know I am innocent. My sorrows are gone. Soothe my soul. Please have mercy on me, and listen to my prayers, please help me find a mesothelioma attorney, and give me victory in court.


Please come down to bless my lawsuit and that I may get legal aid for the terrible mesothelioma cancer that is attacking my body.


Let me be free from the pain and suffering they cause. Let the law of land work in my favor. When I call upon You O God of justice, please answer me.


God of power, please help me. Protect me from the godless people who have created this terrible cancer. They are using the law to bind me and break my bones.


Save me from these unjust liars Save me from the condemnation which tries to bind you, and free me from these assumptions and accusations.


Prayer for legal assistance in mesothelioma cases


You are a powerful warrior who understands the needs of the helpless. You will surely hear my cries, and comfort me. I am certain that you will find me the best attorney to represent me in mesothelioma case.


Father, I need you more than ever. I know that You are there with me everywhere I go. I am certain that You will be there with me in this trial as well as in the courtroom.


Your victory will bring me to victory at court. I humblely approach You Father and ask for Your help.


My righteous Savior, I believe that You will protect and guide me. In You I find refuge. I don’t trust the judges or lawyers when I go to court, but I trust You. Because You have never failed to me, my victory in court is in Yours.


I ask You to hear me scream and to thank You for this victory. Amen.


Holy One, please hear my pleas for justice and my plea for help. You will hear my prayers, as they come from a sincere heart. I beg you to forgive me, for You are the one who knows those who do good. Thou spiest my heart and knowst what my situation is.


A Legal Case for Mesothelioma and Cancer


Amazing God, I thank You in advance to you for my victory at court. I praise You because You know I will be given even more honor and comfort by this mesothelioma lawsuit, and that my medical expenses will be covered.


I ask for forgiveness of all those who would try to make my case lose in court. I declare victory in court.


I declare the restoration and peace of my reputation. Because You are my side, I won’t lose.


Almighty God, I am singing for joy as You are my rock. You will make this case a success. I am grateful that You are my King and God over all power on earth, and I enter Your presence with thanksgiving.


Everything is in Your hands, even the outcome of this trial. Because You are my God, I worship You and kneel in front of You, my Creator. I thank You for judging my case justly. Amen.


God of hope, listen to my prayer. Hear me plead for help and don’t turn away from my desperate need. Please listen to me and respond quickly, as I need your help.


My heart is aching and I don’t have the stomach for this trial. I lay awake at night wondering if the judge will decide in my favor. My enemies mock me and curse my face, and I feel the tears streaming down my face. Please forgive me and rise, I beg thee. Please help me to do what you promised and allow me to choose the best lawyer to represent my mesothelioma lawsuit.


Lord, You are my only hope. I make my requests to You and wait with great anxiety. I know You hate evil, and will not tolerate pride or falsehood.


As my counselor and intercessor, You are there in Your unwavering love to support me through this trial. Help me determine the best steps to take in order to win this trial.


Help me to follow Your lead. Allow me to give my testimony with conviction, clarity, and confidence so that my case can be won. Amen.


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Prayers of support to the mesothelioma survivors.


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