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Prayers for Finances


Prayers for power and strength

How to get a miracle for your finances

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Table of Contents

When pain is the path to purification,
The holy death of happiness is purified and lessened.

Holy death of golden wings,
Holy death of silent flight,
Guardian of my life
and counselor of my soul.
Allow this humble devotee (O),
to get what he needs,
to get rid of problems
and begin to awaken.


I promise to have flowers and fruits,
to be shared on Friday.
Bring me happiness,
and the wisdom to take care of it.
I promise to have flowers and fruits
to be shared on Friday.

Powerful prayers of encouragement

Prayer to the Holy Death of Fortune.

You who know the secrets of happiness,
Let the wheel turn naturally
to where the just causes point.


Let me share in your power
And call for me what I ask of you,
Your altar will bear witness to the correspondence
that I will have for you,
Possessor of the great secrets
Of happiness and fortune.


Away powerful lady
with your breath and will
Threats and dangers that close over me,
drive them to misfortune
so that the brightness that your light gives may reach those who need it.



Prayer to the Holy Death of Faithfulness.

I bring you this sacred ring of fidelity
to make the virtue that you symbolize,
away from me,
the dagger of the traitor
and strengthen my thought
to extend your mantle
on which we need you
for the blind.



Santa de los Caminos y Mares,
Mrs. Protectora and Guardian of my path.
Watch over my steps in unknown paths,
Drive away those who harm and rob.
Illuminate my steps to mark the right path,
so that those who return may see traces
and avoid roots that make sick and kill.



Prayer to the Holy Death. Followers
who works for good,
who seeks your light to show
The way to lost souls
Who do not understand Your goodness.
Close Your right hand
To the hurricane of envy,
To dive into sincerity. That you may avoid deception and lies. Opposite factor
that interferes with despair.



Prayer to the Holy Judge.
To make the kingdom of matter
Spiritual filter that alarms the mind,
so that when you reach us
find us without karmic debt
and grant us the step to the unique truth.


Protect me from accidents and misfortunes
and from betrayal.
To unite families. /> Allow a revered holy death,
parents and children to understand each other,
Take away confusion and conflict. Bosque of my dear family. . deception,
so that I may see the evil before me,
and instead change what it is now. He loves. ………. (say name)
who is not attacked by man,
beast, evil, or evil spirit. Br/> so that I may radiate it to those who need it.
I will fill you with my sincere thanks for your loving response.



Mind and matter
You handle with absolute sovereignty,
Guardian of the ether and the inhabited space,
You open the doors to the elements and the spiritual light,
so that implicitos are
The two worlds in which we exist. Her advice and participation
of your designs with wisdom and action,
consecrated to your mighty will.

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