­čÄ»Prayers for finances­čÄ»

Prayers for Finances


prayer for prosperity and financial blessings

How to get a miracle for your finances

Faith in God's help

Do the prayer with much faith and dedication

Share the prayer

Share the prayer in your social networks with your relatives and people who need help to improve their economy.

Persevere in Prayer

Offer this prayer for 9 days in a row to get the miracle you need


Don't forget to come back to the site and through the contact numbers tell us about your miracle so we can share it and give glory to God.

Table of Contents

God of happiness, God of prosperity!


All reconcilers of fortune

Bringer of wealth, abundance and prosperity

I ……. (your surname and name)

I beg of thee to show me thy presence

Blessed this place …….

(shop, stall or place of business, or anything else you wish to sell).

With your consent

Cash flows are positive.



Prosperity and wealth are in abundance.

Please take care of these.



Every person who calls or comes in,

You will be amazed at what I have to offer.

Every penny you bring into this business…

Multiply this number by millions.

Let my customers buy my merchandise.



Be lucky

You feel the urge to return soon.

Every time a customer comes back,

To increase their purchasing power

This business needs your blessing

Make it irresistible for everyone

For those who are familiar with it

It is for all who will soon be able to see it.



A: Spread my name;

Make it known to everyone

It is profitable for everyone to buy what I am selling.

To purchase what I have to offer.




It is possible that the items I sell will soon run out

And suddenly, I need to replenish it.

Because I collect my profits.

O gods of all the heavens!

We are grateful.

You will now answer me.



Amen, amen, amen.



Pray three times the Our Father and Glory To God

This prayer can also be said in the morning.



Face the front door, in the room or the store.


It is recommended that you light a yellow candle.

Once a week, light a silver or gold candle.

Share on social networks

Light a candle for financial assistance

Leave the cursor over the candle image and the candle will light for the requested favor.

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