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Prayers for Finances



How to get a miracle for your finances

Faith in God's help

Do the prayer with much faith and dedication

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Persevere in Prayer

Offer this prayer for 9 days in a row to get the miracle you need


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According to an ancient tradition, devotion to the Divine Infant Jesus dates back to Jesus’ childhood in Israel. He went to Mount Carmel with his parents, St. Joseph and Virgin Mary, to pray.


This devotion, however, is only realized many centuries later when it is based on the 12th year of Jesus’ earthly existence, that is, the merits he gained in his infanthood.


The Carmelites were responsible for extending this fervor. But in 1636, when the Lord appeared to Margaret of the Blessed Sacrament in an apparition, he made it more clear that “everything” she wanted to ask for, he promised her that “everything you need ask me for the merits from my childhood and you will not be denied.”


This devotion to the “Little Great One” has been a growing trend throughout Europe and America. So many wonderful favors have been given, that there are millions of people who love her.



O Holy Child Jesus, Son of the Father, Son of the Virgin Mary

You are my king, my God, my loyal friend, and my strong defender.

For your wishes to favor me, I love you.



Your kind and generous face has held my heart so tenderly

That I don’t hesitate to ask for the products I need.


Jesus the Divine Infant, my master and my life,

My tender, adored Child, You are my hope.



I am begging for mercy from You.

I would like to thank You for all the abundance of goods

You show your love to your faithful followers

We are so grateful for your tender arms that you have always opened to us.

With immense love and generosity

Blessed Savior, O precious Child!



Stay always with me, may my Presence serve you

To separate me from evil and make my like You

Making me wiser, more charitable, and more gracious

Before God and my brothers, and sisters.



Jesus, my sweet little child, I have You in me.

I will love you with all my heart!

Jesus the Divine Infant, please bless us so we don’t suffer

Jesus the Divine Infant, please hear us and do not leave us.



Our Father, the Divine Infant Jesus, please help us in our need and fatigue.

Gentle Child of My Life, Comfort of the Christian

Grace is what I need in my life

And which makes me feel discouraged and burdened.

This makes me feel uneasy in my life.



I place my trust in your hands.

Ask with great faith what you want to achieve.

Our Father, who is in heaven ….

You are the one who knows my sorrows. I entrust all to you.

Give peace to the suffering and relief to my heart.

Hail Mary, full grace…

Even though I don’t deserve your love, I won’t have to resort to you in vain.

For thou art both the Son of God, and the helper of Christians.

Glory to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit…

Keep in mind, O Holy Child, that it wasn’t ever heard spoken.

You are the only one who has ever asked for help from anyone.

Therefore, be humble and repentant with simplicity and trust.



With my heart full of love, hope, and joy

It is amazing to see how fast you can grant relief and how many miracles that you can work.

How quickly you can address our problems

With illusion, I ask for your favor with all my heart:

(Repeat the things you want so desperately to receive from the Divine Child).



Bless us, Divine Infant Jesus

Divine Infant Jesus, hear us,

Divine Infant Jesus, comfort us,

Divine Infant Jesus, help us,

Divine Infant Jesus, protect us,

Protect us, Divine Infant Jesus

We trust in the Divine Infant Jesus Christ.


It’s okay.┬á+

Pray the Creed.

If you are very desperate, the prayer and prayers should be repeated three days in succession or nine days as novena. But the most important thing to do is trust the miraculous help of the Divine Infant Jesus.


Many saints, including St. Anthony of Padua and St. Cajetan, St. Teresa, St. Teresa, St. John the Cross, St. John the Cross, St. Teresa …,, felt a special inclination to love the Child Jesus.

divino ni├▒o jesus oracion para peticiones urgentes y desesperadas

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