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Prayers for Finances


prayer of good fortune

How to get a miracle for your finances

Faith in God's help

Do the prayer with much faith and dedication

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Table of Contents


In the name and honor of my Almighty God

I now turn to the Most Holy Trinity

To the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph

Don Juan de los Caminos in a special manner

And I call you now in this holy moment

To open the door for me

Both professionally and personally

All evil must be removed, I beseech.

Hindernisses and obstacles that may be in my path

So that I can walk every path.



There are steps to peace, harmony and love

Happiness, wealth, success, prosperity

work, health, peace,

development, peace, tranquility,

There is no enemy

That walks alongside me

There is no evil or spell.



Black magic, spells and incantations, sorcery, or sorcerers

That can stop me from my path

If there is one,

They would only find it on their way.

They will do the same for me as they want.

Let my paths be open

They may not be obvious at first glance.

Unblocked, without obstacles

As are all my situations,

They are so easy to walk on that I don’t have to stumble.

So that I can live my life happily.



happiness, success, prosperity.


Three times pray the Our Father, three times the Hail Mary, three times the Glory Be, and three times the Hail Mary.



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