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Prayers for Finances


Powerful prayers to destroy your enemies

How to get a miracle for your finances

Faith in God's help

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Table of Contents

A powerful prayer for the opening of the WAYS to Happiness and Love, as well as for Victory over the Enemy


I walk with the hidden Great Power

That protects me against danger

With a firm, confident step

Happiness is what I am looking for

It opens the door to wealth and prosperity.



I walk with the Blessed Father St. Joseph

Who with his powerful flowering staff

You make my path green with good love.



I am with the magnificent St. Peter.

He holds the key to heaven.

My body is locked with the key

Both spiritual and physical enemies

The key to unlock my doors

To happiness, abundance, and success.




I agree with Our Lady.

The most holy mother of Jesus.

She has stepped on serpent’s head

You will not be able to offend again.

I have the power to trample upon my enemies.

St. George is my choice

Because he was a warrior who could not be defeated.

I will also conquer

All the fights in life

All my enemies.




I will always be enlightened

With the sacred guiding star

I will always be enlightened

By the 13 rays from the sun

That illuminates and opens my paths.



I will remain invisible forever

To anyone who would hurt me

To anyone who would like to hurt me

Anyone who is ungrateful in their treachery.

My downfall is my goal.

It will be as it is.

Pray seven times for the Our Father and seven time for the Ave Maria.


powerful prayers to destroy your enemies in PDF

A powerful prayer for the opening of the WAYS to Happiness and Love



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powerful prayers to destroy your enemies

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