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Prayer for assistance in a legal accident case

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After an accident, pray for assistance in a lawsuit.

In the name of Jesus, Father I come to You to ask You for help in finding the best accident lawyer that will help me win my case at court.

I am grateful for Your kindness and care. I know You have a plan for me and You have promised me that everything will work out for my good.

Please help me find the best accident attorney:

  • Shipping
  • Offshore Accident Lawyer
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Personal Injury
  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • (Name the accident in which you were involved)


The best accident lawyer

Father, you can see the injustice in my life. Father, justice is the foundation of Your throne.

Because You are just, Father I know You will act for me and help me find the best accident lawyer.

I believe that You will change the situation according to Your Word.


Father, I ask You to comfort me in this time of need, and it is in the name Jesus, the God who gives all comfort.

I pray for protection from God’s angels. I expel all lies, plans, and deceits from my life and allow healing, wholeness and truth to enter my life.


I am speaking of the hidden things the Father wants to reveal, and has commanded that they be made public in Jesus’ name. In this situation, I declare the presence of the Holy Spirit.


My family and I will not be hurt. I declare that while the enemy might come against me in one direction, they will flee in seven.


In the name Jesus, I now extend, surrender and allow the unity of forgiveness, healing, transparency and love of the Father into all of my relationships.


I take out all the arrows that the enemy has fired at me and my family and toss them on the ground, making them useless and ineffective.


I can call on the Lord, and He will answer. He is there for me in my trouble. He will protect me, honor me and help me find the best accident lawyer.


My Deliverer, Lord, You are so much more than all the judges and juries in this world. Thou sagest that I love Thee, and hate evil. We are grateful to You for protecting our lives and the well-beings of all who love You and live honestly.


I am grateful to You for saving me from the evil power. When I stand before the judge, may the light shine on me and upon my cause’s righteousness. Because my heart is righteous may it fill me with joy when this case is won. Amen.


Deliver me, Lord God! Reappoint me as innocent before the entire courtroom. I am grateful for your promise of love and faithfulness to me.


I beg you to humblely look up from the throne and see my legal standing before this court. Mighty King, justice is your love, because you are holy, justice has been established. I praise Your awesome and great name.


Do the right thing now, and you will be my advocate in court. Show me the evidence and prove my innocence. Thank you so much for responding to my call for your assistance. Amen.



Prayer for legal disputes

I trust You will intercede on my behalf and grant me success at court. We are grateful to You for your presence in Heaven. Thank you for listening to my plea in this lawsuit.


I am grateful to you for taking me out of this predicament. These unjust allegations must be confronted and the truth brought to light. Bring me to justice.


I am grateful that You have crowned me with Your love, mercy and grace. Your goodness fills my life. All who are unjustly treated by you receive justice and righteousness. I am grateful that You have crowned me with Your love, mercy and justice. Amen.


Thank you, God of my strength and help, for answering my desperate prayers. I am grateful that you did not refuse my request.


Thank you Father for answering my prayer. This is a blessing to you and I give you all the glory for everything you do. Amen


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After an accident


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