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Prayers for Finances


Virgen de la candelaria prayer

How to get a miracle to sell what you need

Faith in God's help

Pray with great faith and dedication until the desired sale is achieved.

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Offer this prayer for 9 days in a row to get the miracle of making the v you need.


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Table of Contents

Virgin Mary of Candelaria. With you I raise to God, Almighty and Merciful, a hymn of praise and thanksgiving, a hymn of joy and gladness, for the great things the Lord has done through you, Clemente, and the pious Virgin Mary, for the benefit of our Canarian people.



Virgin Mary of Candelaria, Mother of God and Mother of the Church, trusting in your protection, I entrust to you our Diocesan Church of San Crist├│bal de la Laguna, the pilgrim Church of Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro.


Queen of the Apostles, you who were next to the Apostles of your Child and took care of them; now that I have been constituted Successor of the Apostles and that the Apostolic Mission has begun as Bishop of the Church of Christ, assist me and prot├ęmeme, to me and to all the priests who form with me the Diocesan Presbytery, and to all the religious, religious and secular that they work in as many and as varied fields of our Diocesan Church.


They trust you and call upon you regularly. Remember all your children: support their prayers before God, keep your faith firm, strengthen your hope, increase your charity.


They suffer hung The prisons for all of them pious virgin and Clemente asks the gift of the fortress to cope, grant us a sensitive heart so that we are not indifferent, nor do we pass by, in the face thirsty, pair company To those who are alone, shelter for those who are cold, help us to show ourselves available to those who feel exploited and depressed.



Hail Mary Purisima! Without conceived sin! You who are a temple of light without shadow or blemish, intercede before Your Child, the Mediator of our reconciliation with the Father, to be merciful to our faults and weaknesses, to grant us the grace of a sincere repentance for our sins and the firm will to keep Your commandments; make the neglect and apathy leave us and give our souls the joy of love.


Son, the admirable Counsellor, so that throughout the episcopal ministry which I have just begun, you will not cease to assist me with the gift of the Holy Spirit, especially with the Spirit of Counsel, so that, free from haste, error and presumption, you will let me know what pleases God and guide me in my decisions and tasks at the service of this diocesan Church.


Glorious and Blessed Virgin, to all the men and women of the world, with your motherly love, call them to the knowledge of the only true Savior, Jesus Christ; free us all from the slavery of sin, who grants to everyone peace in truth, in justice, in freedom and in love.


With the same words that my mother taught me since my childhood: To you, Heavenly Princess, Holy Virgin Mary, I offer you this day, my soul and my heart, look at me with compassion, do not leave me without my mother. Bernardo Álvarez Afonso Obispo Nivariense


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Virgin Mary of Candelaria


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