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Prayers for Finances


prayer to saint alejo

How to get a miracle to sell what you need

Faith in God's help

Pray with great faith and dedication until the desired sale is achieved.

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Persevere in Prayer

Offer this prayer for 9 days in a row to get the miracle of making the v you need.


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prayers to pray

O glorious Saint Alexius!

Blessed saint and virtuous saint.

Who was inspired by the Lord

You retreated from your family,

and knew how to let go of everything

To be alone and in the beginning.



Saint Alexius Blessed

You have the ability to take away

The negative things that happen to the people who serve the Lord,

I beg Thee to guard me and protect me

Give me courage, strength, and energy

O most gracious Saint Alexius,

You who redeemed yourself with Mary,

This morning, I’m in need of your assistance, I’m in need of

Don’t leave me unattended,

In all humility, I’m begging you to

To drive off the enemy

I’m not a good person.



Stop my face from Satan,

From the deceiver to the wicked and treacherous

From evil spells, evil eye

Also, from the evil tongues.

From the deceiver, the slanderer and the evildoer.

Beware of anyone those who might

To look me go down and down.



Keep me from envy,

From injustice and evil,

Beware of anger and jealousy,

From loneliness and rejection,

Hide me in places where I can’t be located.

The ones who wish to bring me down.



O glorious Saint Alexius,

Called the man of God

Bring me closer me Jesus Mary, and Jesus. Mary,

That’s why they are able to combine their divine goodness.



I am covered with all their goodness

They may help me and allow me to be free

To all earthly and spiritual evil,

Please help me obtain

The grace with which I humble myself

I am writing to you today to inquire for:

(Make Here Your Petition With Great Faith)

Saint Alexius Blessed:



Through the Blessed Virgin Mary,

Through her dear Son Jesus Christ

By God’s grace, the Holy Spirit,

Please be merciful to me

Don’t forget my plea.






Pray three times for our Fathers,

Three Hail Marys, along with three Glorias.

Pray the prayer and prayers several times throughout the day.

As long as you don’t notice the changes.


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